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Our Mission

More and more people are convinced that CBD has a lot of benefits, but are worried about how to find a good quality product.  If you go to a vape shop or buy online, how do you know what you are getting?

You may know that we are in the process of obtaining a license from the CCC in Massachusetts to operate a retail location in South Egremont, Massachusetts.  You probably also know that the licensing process is arduous and expensive. License applications for retail licenses are required to hold their real estate for months or years while waiting for a license. 

Our mission is to solve both of these problems at the same time.  New Green LLC plans to open “Devine,” a retail store selling hemp derived and other health and wellness products AND at the same time develop a new way of funding and licensing cannabis businesses in Massachusetts.

By operating a CBD store during the license process, and by using an online Equity fundraising program, New Green LLC will keep start-up costs low and at the same time allow small investors to contribute to the company and its pursuit of a license from the CCC. Join us!

Get Involved

We've begun an equity crowdfunding campaign to allow investment opportunities for our community. Read more about equity crowdfunding on our blog!

About Us

We are Heidi and Ari Zorn and we have been residents of the Berkshire region of Massachusetts for 25 years. Together we have over 40 years of experience in nutrition, health and wellness. We want to bring our knowledge and passion of health and nature to the Berkshire, while also providing jobs and investment opportunities to our community.  

About Ari


Former Restaurant Owner/Chef/Personal Trainer known locally now as “Turtle Man”, Ari is recognized for his conservation work with turtles and Smiley’s Pond. 

  • Ari is the former owner/chef Dos Amigos, a well known Mexican restaurant. 
  • For the last 13 years Ari has owned and run his own personal training studio, Zorn Core Fitness
  • Ari has held many community positions including the Egremont Land Trust, Conservation Commission, basketball booster club, and NAACP. 
  • He is passionate about fitness, the environment, and his community.

About Heidi


Heidi has been running her own private practice in South Egremont since 2006.   

  • Heidi taught at the local community college for several years.  Classes included Intro to the Human Body, Fitness For Life, Psychology of Sport. 
  • Heidi has held many community positions such as School Committee, Volleyball Booster Club President, Egremont Land Trust, and the Eagle Fund, to name a few. 
  • She is passionate about the environment, conservation, and her community.

    Smiley’s Pond

    Career Opportunities

    Devine is seeking hardworking and reliable individuals to help launch our cannabis dispensary in South Egremont, MA in the Berkshires. Interested in learning more? Apply for our open positions on Indeed.