It’s the middle of a heat wave and there’s still a pandemic, but here at New Green LLC we are moving forward at what feels like warp speed. We are excited to welcome the new investors who have joined us in Devine and we want to give everyone an update.

First, if you invested through Fundanna, Welcome!  You will be receiving your certificate in the mail from Fundanna.  Hold on to it, as that is an official record of your ownership of the company.  Be sure to sign up for our newsletter by clicking on the link on the website so you get updates about the business right in your inbox.  Official communications will continue to come through Fundanna until we wrap up our community investor campaign in the middle of August. 

Some of you want to share this investment opportunity with family members, so we’ve received some questions about buying shares in someone else’s name. The number of shares a person can buy is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations. Those rules are meant to protect people from losing all their savings to unscrupulous or risky ventures; that’s why they limit the number of shares you can buy based on the income and asset information you provide them. That information is specific to you and that’s why it can’t be done in someone else’s name.

If you have thought about investing but haven’t yet, you can go to our offer page on Fundanna, create a free account, enter the number of shares you want to buy (based on the information you enter about your income and assets – remember, that information is confidential, even we don’t see it), and select your payment method.   

Next, we are moving forward with the retail space at 71 Main Street.  The concrete floor has been poured, the architect is drawing up plans for the interior, and we are starting to choose finishes.  Everyone is energized, from the person staining the concrete floor to the artist creating our “Forest Bathing”-inspired design. We can’t wait for you to see it.

One reason for our surge of energy is that we have reached new stage in our license application.  The next step is to submit the construction plans for approval and complete construction and build-out and schedule an inspection.  Then, we can start to really focus on product lines.

Finally, there has been a wave of support and interest in Devine, its mission of social equity and environmental stewardship, and in Ari’s work with the NAACP. From speaking at the Black Lives Matter demonstration in Great Barrington in June, to articles in Berkshire Edge, to radio interviews, people are interested in what we are doing. Check out @devineberkshires on Instagram or Facebook to find links to those press clippings.

We still have a lot ahead of us, but the time is going to fly by and with your continued support we’ll be announcing our grand opening before you know it! 

In Health,

Heidi and Ari