Devine is proud to partner with vendors and organizations that hold with our values regarding social equity, wellness, and the environment. We are thrilled to announce the debut of a new product from Freshly Baked: Ironsydz by Twheelz – Gummies with a Mission. Currently, Devine is carrying the Uptown Berry Twist indica variety of these delicious live-resin infused gummies.

Freshly Baked Company is partnering with Terrence Stevens and his IRONSYDZ brand to raise awareness for chronic illness and the injustices within the prison system. The hope is that this platform brings needed attention to these critical issues and fosters positive change, especially in communities most impacted by the War on Drugs. Sales will benefit under-resourced families and communities.

Terrence Stevens, or “Twheelz,” is the face behind the Ironsydz brand name. In 1992, Stevens was convicted with possession of narcotics after accompanying Patrick Sullivan, who, unbeknownst to Stevens, was carrying five ounces of cocaine while travelling in 1990. While Sullivan got an extremely lenient sentence for cooperation with prosecution, Stevens was railroaded and sentenced to 15 years to life under Rockefeller drug laws. He was granted clemency in 2000 after serving 10 years. He spent the entirety of his incarceration struggling with substandard medical care for his muscular dystrophy or MD (from which he is paralyzed from the neck down), abuse, and exploitation from the penal system. His experiences inspired him to become an advocate for people who have been unjustly arrested, detained, or sentenced, and those suffering from MD and other chronic illnesses.

Read more about Twheelz and the documentary featuring him here, and stop by Devine to grab a bag of Uptown Berry Twist Gummies with a Mission!