“Who’s that beautiful dog on your home page?”

One of the most noticeable things about Devine, both front and center here on our website, and in person at our store, is the attention-grabbing presence of a large and gorgeous dog.  We didn’t just hire a beautiful model to accentuate our aesthetic for the website photographs; she is our mascot!  Her name is Tatanka, known better as Tanka or T.T., and she is a young Newfoundland.  She belongs to Heidi and Ari Zorn, Devine’s owners, and is a frequent, if not ubiquitous, presence in and around Devine.  She is just shy of 2 years old, approximately 130 pounds, and her white and black coat pattern is known as Landseer.  Tanka may be very large, but fear not, because she is consistently the most mellow presence in a store full of stoners.  She spends most of her days here calmly and sweetly accepting pets and greetings, and being a very fancy (but non-functional) shaggy rug.  She is perhaps not the best shopping assistant, as she is rather indifferent to the many products around her and the hype around cannabis, but she is well known for making the shopping experience at Devine extra special regardless.









In addition to Tanka, Devine frequently hosts the owners’ other furry companions, as well as those belonging to customers, which brings us to…

“Can I bring my pet inside your store?”  

Yes!  With the consideration in mind that Tanka or other pets may also be here, please feel free!  We don’t want you to leave your furry family in a hot car; we all love animals here, and would love to meet yours.  They don’t even need an ID.  We even offer a CBD-only tincture formulated specifically for pets!