Devine has enthusiastically carried Ahh – lovingly crafted infused artisan chocolates – almost since we opened. We are proud to partner with a company whose ideals of wellness and mindfulness align with our own. Their products are well-loved and prized among our staff and our chocolate-loving regular customers alike, especially the Summit Ascent milk chocolate bar, which is made with ceremonial matcha and crunchy organic quinoa, and is a 1:1 ratio blend of THC to CBG for an uplifting experience.

We are proud to share the fact that the Summit Ascent bar was recently honored by High Times Magazine for its Massachusetts Cannabis Cup People’s Choice Edition, receiving first place in the chocolates/non-gummy edibles category! In addition, Edible Boston magazine recently wrote up a piece highlighting the creators and owners of Ahh Moments, Andrew Moon Bain and Haley Bain, giving insight into their motivation, process, and what’s to come.

We invite you to help celebrate the achievements of the Bains and Ahh Moments by stopping in and experiencing Ahh chocolates for yourself! In addition to the Summit bar, there is the Serene bar for relaxation and sleep, the Atlantic Bliss bar for a balanced and chill experience, and the brand new Sky High Chai bar. Click here for more information on each, or to place an order!