As mentioned in this post from August, Devine owner Ari Zorn is the Vice Chairman of the W.E.B. Du Bois Public Sculpture project.  The result is envisioned to be a landscaped and hardscaped public plaza centered around a bronze sculpture of Du Bois.

The goal with the creation of this monument to Du Bois is threefold:

  1. to honor our most famous native son,
  2. to create a community gathering space using local materials, and
  3. to educate the community on Du Bois’s legacy and the process of creating the actual monument.

This project is very close to Ari’s heart, and we would encourage anyone who is a fan of Devine, the Zorns and their conservation work and activism, or of the local area, to learn more about the project or to donate to the efforts, at the official website: