We at Devine are proud supporters of Hope for Heroes, an organization dedicated to supporting the physical and mental healing and well-being of disabled veterans, as well as servants of related fields like police and firefighting. We are working together to provide the many services our oft-forgotten heroes need. The lack of services, medical support, and mental health care is a blight on our country and an affront to its most dedicated citizens. Mental illness is a huge universal problem in this country, and we as a nation must address it.

We are partners with Montel Williams, a veteran of the US Marines, and we (our store, and Montel’s Inspire products line) are both partnered with Freshly Baked, a disabled veteran (Phillip Smith & Jenny Roseman) owned & operated recreational cannabis extraction and production company.

On a more local basis, we are working with the effort to keep the doors of the Great Barrington VFW open, for the benefit of local veterans and the community. This is a great cause, and we must all learn that by positive action and accountability, we may all start to heal.

Ari & Heidi Zorn


  • To learn more about Hope for Heroes, visit their website here, or donate to their efforts here.
  • To learn more about Freshly Baked and Inspire by Montel, visit their website here.
  • To donate to the efforts to save the Great Barrington VFW, please visit the donation page here.