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Devine offers a scholarship to the Berkshire Community College’s “Cannabis Industry Certificate” program to individuals from Pittsfield, which has been deemed to have been disproportionately harmed by the war on drugs. If you want a career in the marijuana industry, whether in retail sales, cultivation or other areas, the certificate program can help build your resume.


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Our Commitment to the Community

The owners of Devine are long-time residents of Egremont. They are dedicated to the community, having raised their family here and operated small businesses in the town. As volunteers and grass-roots organizers, the Zorns deploy their energy and talents for the history of the town, the environment, social equity, and public and personal health. Ari is involved in several organizations, including Friends of Smileys Pond and Blackshires.  Heidi is currently the president of the Chiropractic Society and is forming a local merchants organization. Stop by some time and say hello.


The Blackshires is a community-owned digital space that keeps the community’s highest interest in mind, creates a place for Black community members to connect easily, and encourages cooperation on issues faced by the community between organizations and other community stakeholders.

Our Scholarship

This scholarship is named the Judith Ugelow Blak Scholarship, in honor of  kindness, generosity and support of our friend and early investor.  She believed we could make our “pot shop” a reality, when no one else did. This is how we pay it forward.


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