Another step towards our goal!

Today, April 30, we received an e-mail that our CCC application has been deemed COMPLETE. 


As I have said, this is a long process… the wait is not over.  The regulations state that once an application is deemed complete, the CCC has 90 days to award (or deny) a preliminary license.  

However, minority-owned businesses like ours are entitled to priority.  The CCC has implemented a policy to view minority applications in rolling order with the “regular” applicants.  What this should mean is that our application is in a smaller pile that gets integrated into the bigger pile, theoretically shortening the 90 day period.  We shall see.

I truly hope my community and friends and family see the value in the crowd funding page.  We worked super hard to be able to allow our community, friends and family the investment opportunity.  It won’t be around after we get our license, so now is the time!!

In Health,

Ari and Heidi Zorn