Devine owner Ari Zorn has been advocating, and raising awareness for years regarding South Egremont’s Smiley’s Pond (also known as Mill Pond), at the junction of Routes 23 and 41, just west of the main village area. The dam that separates the pond from Karner Brook has been a trap for wildlife, especially turtles, and Ari has been rescuing said wildlife from the time he discovered the problem. Of his own volition and in his free time, Ari created the nonprofit Friends of Smiley’s Pond, and personally educates anyone willing to listen regarding the endangered species living in the pristine water. After lobbying for assistance from state and local entities, thinking that no action would ever be taken after 4+ years, the solution is finally taking shape. The state is altering the dam so as to better allow the free passage of wildlife between the two bodies of water as of earlier in June.

Read more about this massive ecological achievement in the Berkshire Eagle here, and consider following the Friends of Smiley’s Pond content on Facebook here.